Snow Plow moves manhole cover for 3rd time

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WUSA9) -- You may look forward to when the plow hits your street, but the sound of the plow strikes terror in one Maryland man's heart.

Stan Olsen of Hillendale says it all has to do with one tricky manhole.

Seems there is one in front of his house on New Hampshire Avenue and it is raised on one side by more than a half inch. He says passing snow plows tend to knock the cover off, sending it flying, "The last time, with the big snow, they found it way down there, the time before that I found it in my front yard over there."

He says snow plows come by here handfuls of time each time it snows. So, Stan has to keep running out, "I'm afraid the car tires are going to go in there, and then the cars going to go into the pole and somebody can get really hurt."

Needless to say, Stan is not a fan of manning this manhole and wants WSSC to man the manhole as soon as they can. Stan says he has called. Last time, they bolted it, but the fix didn't stick. Stan says he has placed orange cones around the manhole, but he wants WSSC to permanently fix it. He says, "It's become very frustrating and it's upsetting because you try to do what's right and you try to talk to the right people and you give them a chance to take care of the problem and all they do is blow you off. "

Stan goes on to say, "I would just feel terrible if something happened and somebody got hurt, let alone in front of my house because if everybody takes care of stuff in front of their house, the world would be a better place."

Fed up, Olsen called WUSA9 and we called WSSC. They say this is going to need a long term fix, because it is not the cover, it is the frame, They say they have 'opened a ticket' and it's on their list of fixes. They also say they will start working on that once this weather is behind us.


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