Tree crashes onto Silver Spring, Md. home

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA9) -- A fast-moving storm caused relatively minor damage Tuesday night, except where a tree came crashing through a home into a bedroom.

"This fell right on your bed. Yeah, pretty much. It fell right down the middle," said Kellie Hanrahan.

Sixteen-year-old Caroline Hanrahan had been sitting on her bed when her mom called her down for dinner.

"Our mom called us down and like a minute later…. huge bang.," said Caroline Hanrahan.

"It was just the most terrifying thing… it definitely would have hit her…definitely went right through her bed," said Kellie Hanrahan.

And this isn't the first time.

When Caroline was just four, another tree hit the Hanrahan's back porch.

"That was another close call... they were on the porch and i had just called them in," said Kellie.

Two close calls just 12 years apart. However this time, the damage is much worse.

Material possessions are one thing, but what really has Caroline so shaken up is that she knows she's lucky to be alive.

The Hanrahan family had to find another place to stay Tuesday night. The power and gas has been turned off at their home.

It will be weeks if not months before they can move back in.


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