Rockville gun shop owner launches tirade over smart gun

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- He's been threatened with death and fire-bombing, and now a Rockville gun shop owner has caved.

Andy Raymond says he won't be selling a revolutionary smart gun at his Engage Armament store on E. Gude Dr. after all.

But he's also launched a chilling tirade against politicians.

"Shoot the people who made the laws. Gun them the f*#@ down! There's an f*#@ing reason we've got these things. And that's to defend our f'--ing freedom," Raymond yells while pulling down an assault rifle in a video he briefly posted on the store's Facebook site. A gun control group has now posted the video on YouTube.

Raymond had planned for his Engage Armament in Rockville to be the first shop in the nation to sell the Armatix iP1, a 22 caliber handgun that only fires after you plug a code into its paired radio frequency I-D watch.

"I believed people should have the choice of what firearm they're going to buy," Raymond said. "No firearm should be prohibited. And no one should be forced to buy a firearm either."

Engage has never sold a single smart gun.

But hardcore gun rights activist are furious he considered it... and they've threatened to kill him and burn his shop if he does.

They're furious he'll trigger a New Jersey law that requires all guns be keyed to their owners three years after the first smart gun is sold anywhere in the country.

"When people are going to burn down my shop, now all of a sudden things are a little bit different. I believe it, but I'm not going to sit here in a burned out building and say 'at least I'm a principled man,'" said Raymond.

It may be a smart gun, but so far it's manufacturer has been unable to find any gun shops smart... or dumb enough... to sell it.

Raymond fears just thinking about selling it will cost him his business.


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