Rescued puppy stolen at Reston adoption event

Rescued puppy stolen at Reston adoption event

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA (WUSA9) - A tiny, adorable puppy named Sir George was stolen during an adoption event in Reston over the weekend.  Now, Fairfax County Police are investigating. 

Sir George was one of 120 puppies rescued a few weeks ago from a Mississippi shelter where they were all going to be euthanized. The other puppies found good homes at a Pet Smart Adoption event on Saturday. But not Sir George.

Sir George is a little of bundle of cute. The lab, yorkie, pit mix is eight weeks old, and only about five pounds.  He was born in Mississippi where spay-neuter is not a widespread practice, creating too many unwanted puppies. So Sir George was transported to Northern Virginia. 

"Nobody wants to live with the feeling of knowing  how many animals you've personally had to euthanize," said Veterinarian Dr. Amber Burton, who had to euthanize hundreds of animals when she began her career at a Tulsa animal shelter.

But the former surgical college instructor is now on a mission, to save as many as she can. 

She and her financial manager, Jesse Marsh, run the non-profit Wolf Trap Animal Rescue. They've  made 25 trips to Mississippi and rescued 1300 animals. 

They Spay or neuter each one, and organize volunteers to foster them. Then, charging a 425 dollar adopting fee, they find permanent homes at events like this one at the Reston Pet Smart on Saturday. That's when Sir George disappeared.

"We've never had that happened before, or attempted," said Marsh.

They set up two Go-Pro cameras on timelapse video before the event for promotional use. Now they're using it to investigate. They're searching the video for the thieves who stole  Sir George. A mother and teenager were last seen holding the pup.

"Maybe they were interested in adopting but knew that they didn't have a chance because there were so many people in line for this particular puppy, Sir George. So, I think, maybe they panicked. And they just slipped him under their shirt and hopped the fence," Dr. Burton surmised.

"It's really, really  frustrating especially for the people whom Foster and who really got to know the dog. It's heartbreaking for them," said March.

Dr. Burton puts micro chips in all their rescued animals, so they hope when whoever has Sir George takes him to a vet, he'll  be scanned and returned. 


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