Redskins 0-2 after devasting loss to Cowboys

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - On Monday morning, the rainy, bleak weather seemed to be representative of how most Redskins' fans were feeling. That's just one day after a devastating loss to the Dallas Cowboys, which put the Washington team at a record of 0-2.

"My heart sunk when it happened," said Drew Darneille, the General Manager at Old Glory, a Redskins sports bar in Georgetown. "And you just have got to sit there and look at (the TV), and wonder is this the type of year we're going to have moving forward."

Darneille said that there was no shortage of shouts, sighs, and head banging Sunday afternoon during the Redskins' loss. Carla Bicks, of Georgetown, said the game was a rollercoaster.

"They were up by three," said. "I was so excited. I said 'they're finally going to win.' And then he throws the interception. And it was so sad. It was so sad. I had to get up and leave the room."

Some fans like Warren Gaskins said they remain optimistic.

"We're diehard Redskins fans for life," he said. "So we may be 0 and 2 now. But we're coming back. And we're going to win the division too. You will see us Thanksgiving Day."

The team will take on the New York Giants in week three, a squad which is sitting pretty at 2-0.

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