Protective orders failed to stop gun purchase

SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- The lesbian couple charged in the murder of one of their mothers appeared in Spotsylvania Court today.

Both Alaina Mercer and Christina Brown were charged over the weekend with murder conspiracy in the death of Nancy Mercer. But now it is the daughter Alaina Mercer who is also charged with first degree murder.

WUSA9 has also learned that protective orders against the couple two years ago failed to stop Christina Brown from buying a gun. She was charged last week on May 25 in King George County for buying a gun while under a protective order.

Spotsylvania Sheriff's Captain Jeff Pearce says Christiana Brown did not purchase her gun from a federally licensed dealer. He says she would have been blocked from making the purchase. He would not say who sold her the gun, because that is under investigation.

Private gun sales do not require background checks.

Officials tells WUSA9 that Christina Brown and Alaina Mercer, both 25, were married in Maryland. In Virginia, their marriage is not recognized.

Court documents are now speaking from the grave for Nancy Mercer. They show that 60-year-old was fearful of her daughter Alaina and Christina Brown. The mother wrote in a protective order request that she had let her daughter and Brown live with her in her Spotsylvania home for five years rent free, paying for their food, gas and car repairs, and car insurance, utilities, cable TV, and even their cell phones.

Nancy Mercer wrote that the young women were not only disrespectful of her, but also violent.

Two years ago, in June 2012, Nancy Mercer finally kicked her daughter and Christina Brown out of her house and secured protective orders against them. Nancy wrote that Brown made threats of physical harm and said she was going to "torch the place." Nancy wrote that Alaina knocked her down twice.

Nancy's older daughter also filed protective orders against her sister Alaina and Christina Brown, saying that they both repeatedly threatened her life.

Those protective orders were supposed to be in effect until July of 2014. Under a protective order, it is illegal to either purchase or transport a gun. Christina Brown bought one anyway, according to court documents on King George County.

Christina Brown was charged on April 1, 2014 with buying a gun while under a protective order. Nancy Mercer was shot to death two months later on May 18th.


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