Child Passenger Safety Week brings surprising research results

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- When you're driving, do you make sure your child is buckled up?

It'sChild Passenger Safety Week, and a surprising number of us do not not make sure our kids are always safely secured in the car.

Kate Carr of Safe Kids Worldwide joined us with new research being released Monday. It's proven that car crashes are the leading cause of death for children, however, Carr says, "We've seen great progress so far but we did a survey of over a thousand parents and we found that one in four parents said it was okay on occasion for their child to ride without buckling up. That's alarming."

Researchers narrowed their findings down to certain groups.

"We found that parents who were younger, who are more affluent, who are more educated and also men tend to be willing to take a little more of a risk," shared Carr.

As far as the age ranges researched focused on, Carr said, "We're looking at kids under the age of 12. You know, these are kids who either have to be in a car seat, a booster seat or make sure they're safely buckled up."

According to the study,if you had to go to a short distance or traveling overnight, there were certain reasons why parents thought they didn't have to buckle up their child.

"Toofar was one of the leading ones. If you were traveling a short distance, parents thought it would be okay in a short distance. Yet we know that 60% of the auto crashes involving children occur within 10 minutes of their home," said Carr.

As for some tips for parents, Carr said, "They're really easy. Make sure that you buckle up every ride every time. That's the most important thing, whether it's for drivers and passengers you want everyone buckled up in the car."

There's a short list of tips for anyone checking a car seat (

Itis child passenger safety week and Carr says we can find safety check points easily:"We have over a thousand events that are occurring during this week all around the country, but at, you can either find an event near you, locate a child passenger safety technician who will check your seat or get the tips and do it yourself."


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