Pothole patrol in Alexandria, Virginia

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (WUSA9)--You've been telling WUSA 9 about your commuter pet peeves/ Things like miss timed stop lights, delays on Metro. But by far, potholes are really ticking you off.

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Zeina Azar wrote into tellwusa9.com about a whopper of a hole patch along Kingstowne Village Parkway near South Van Dorn Street in Alexandria. She tells WUSA9's Debra Alfarone, "this road right here is a central part of my life. It's a long stretch of potholes all the way down and it's pretty ridiculous."

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As Zeina was showing Debra Alfarone and her camera person, Danielle Gatewood-Gill, the stretch of potholes a driver suddenly hit his car horn. The result of one car swerving into another lane trying to avoid hitting a gash in the road.

Both Zeina Azar and Debra Alfarone called VDOT on Tuesday, February 4 to report the potholes. VDOT makes no promises on fix times.

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Four business days later, on Monday, February 10, WUSA9 went back out to the pothole site on Kingstowne Village Parkway. It seems to have been patched; but, in the opposite lane of traffic, just a few feet away, these potholes were left untouched.

Debra Alfarone called VDOT and they say they are still working on it, but gave no turnaround time. We will stay on top of this and keep you posted.


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