Poll: Trump leads Clinton by small margin in Texas

Texas Lyceum presidential poll

The 10th annual Texas Lyceum Poll has released results of its presidential poll, a day after releasing a poll that showed most Texans don't support a border wall proposal between the U.S. and Mexico.

According to Thursday's poll, Donald Trump is the favorite among likely voters with 39 percent of the vote. He leads Hillary Clinton by 7 points, as she comes in at 32 percent. 

Gary Johnson holds nine percent of the vote, and Dr. Jill Stein holds three percent.

With registered voters who were polled, Clinton only trails by one point.

Although Trump is in the lead, experts say it's by a very small margin compared to Mitt Romney, who led the Texas vote by 19 points against President Barack Obama back in 2012.

“Registered voters are more diverse than the pool of voters who historically show up in Texas elections, but the combination of the slow march of demographic change and Trump’s rhetoric appears to have made Texas’ registered voter pool more Democratic than we have seen in previous presidential races,” said Joshua Blank, Ph.D., Texas Lyceum Research Director.

According to Wednesday's poll results, 59 percent of Texans oppose a wall between Texas and Mexico, and 54 percent believe immigration helps more than it hurts the U.S.

The Texas Lyceum conducted a state-wide telephone survey from adult citizens between Sept. 1 and 11.

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