Police officer accused of attacking girlfriend ordered released

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The D.C. police officer accused of attacking his pregnant girlfriend was ordered released during his preliminary hearing on Friday.

WUSA9's Bruce Leshan will have more on what happened in court on WUSA9 at 5 p.m.

WUSA 9 obtained the charging documents for 52-year-old Calvin Willis. Willis is accused of kicking his 25-year-old girlfriend in the back and leg multiple times during an argument Sunday at her apartment. He also pulled her by the hair and slammed her into a wall, according to charging documents. At one point, the girlfriend tried to defend herself with a knife but abandoned that action when Willis placed his hand on his gun.

According to the documents, Willis met his girlfriend when she was 15 years old. He had stopped her while he was on patrol one day and gave her his number. Willis, who is married and lives in Maryland, insisted they keep their relationship a secret. They have two children together, and now the woman is pregnant with a third.

The assault happened over a period of two days, according to the documents. Willis is accused of kicking his pregnant girlfriend during an argument on May 4 at her apartment. She complained of pain and he kicked her again. he left after his wife called to remind him they were going to a wedding.

The next morning, Willis called his girlfriend and told her he would come by her place after dropping his wife off at home in Maryland, according to court documents. The girlfriend did not want him to come over but Willis came over anyway. A child he had with another woman was staying at her apartment. The girlfriend told Willis that the child had been jumping around the apartment and suffered a minor injury when he hit his head. When Willis came over, he grabbed the child from her and she yelled at him to not hurt the child, according to documents. He then told his girlfriend not to tell him how to parent his child before pulling her hair and slamming her into a wall. Documents indicate that Willis caused damage to the wall when he slammed the victim into it.

The assault continued, according to documents, with Willis threatening to kill his girlfriend and throw her out of the window. In fear, the girlfriend took a knife from the kitchen to defend herself and when Willis saw it he placed his hand on his gun and dared her to do something. The girlfriend dropped the knife.

According to the documents, Willis then told his girlfriend he would call police and tell them what she did, saying that they would believe her over him because he was an officer. He then tried to take her car that he had bought for her, and they argued again. Willis then headed towards his car. The victim followed with a carton of eggs and started egging his car, according to the documents. She also kicked his car before Willis called police.

Willis was off-duty at the time but retrieved his uniform from his car and put it on before officers arrived at the scene, according to the documents. Documents suggest that Willis told officers that his children's mother had egged his car but he begged them not to arrest her, that he would take care of it instead. During her interview with officers, the girlfriend said that she was threatened and assaulted. She also voiced that she was afraid of Willis, claimed she was assaulted multiple times before and if Willis knew she was talking to police that he would kill her. According to documents, the girlfriend also disclosed to police that Willis had said if she told anyone about their relationship, it would cost him his job, her kids would be taken away from her and that he would kill her, his wife, the mother of his other child and himself.

During the interview, the girlfriend refused medical help even though she was bleeding and concerned about having a miscarriage, according to the documents.

READ THE CHARGING DOCUMENTS HERE: http://archive.wusa9.com/assetpool/documents/140508121231_calvin willis.pdf


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