Montgomery County over budget for snow removal

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- At the county salt dome in Rockville, plow trucks have been streaming in and out all evening.

The county has 175 trucks, plus 450 contractor trucks for a total of 625 trucks to clear the county of snow.

The county is over it's budget for snow removal, and winter is not over yet. County Executive Ike Leggett says the job has to be done, "We're going to move the snow, and we'll worry about the cost and implications later on." The county forecasted 8.5 million for the season and has already spent $13 million.

Equipment operator Danny Dorsey is planning an all-nighter. It his his job to fill up all the trucks with salt, and then to refill them. How does he do it? "A lot of caffeine, I love coffee," he says.

Dorsey and his coworkers will be working through the night and many will sleep at their workplaces so they can get back to it tomorrow.

Keith Compton is the Chief of Highway Services for the county. He says, "We're here to restore the functionality of the transportation system and we're here to minimize the economic impacts that a storm has on the region."

Compton is asking all residents to make sure they park their cars in driveways or in county parking lots or garages. The will all be free. He says that will help those plow trucks get the job done.


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