Metro braces for more possible delays to Silver Line

VIRGINIA (WUSA9) -- It was supposed to open last year. But Metro's new Silver Line, that will break off the orange line, run through Tyson's Corner and eventually reach Dulles Airport, has experienced one delay after another.

It is possible there could be more.

Metro points to the contractors, Dulles Transit Partners and Bechtel, and the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, who is overseeing the current phase, as being behind in their work.

"It's not a small task building a Metro out to these parts," said Andrew O'Dudel, a regular Metro rider.

There is currently a 33 item checklist of tasks that needs to be completed before service on the Silver Line can begin.

Right now, the airport authority and contractors are working on tracks, training employees and reviewing safety. Of the 33 item checklist, Metro said at least four of the items have been completed, though, they admit they expected more to be done by now.

"One would hope those in charge are planning well but, sure, stuff happens," said Ron Hankey, another Metro regular.

Metro said each task that is delayed will ultimately further delay the overall project.

"I think that's only to be expected with a situation like this, it's a huge project, it's a huge undertaking, it's a very busy area," said Christina Gomez, a Metro rider.

Fellow Metro rider Andrew O'Dudel said, while he understands it is a major undertaking, he is frustrated with the progress.

"It's frustrating especially considering a lot of people would like easier access to places like Tyson's and Dulles," he said.

"To my understanding, some of the setbacks involve safety issues, so, I'm glad they're taking their time. With that being said, it was supposed to open the winter of 2013," said Clara Orrell, another regular Metro rider. "Having such a delay is kind of frustrating."

According to Metro theres no one single reason for the delay. Some work was not done correctly while other work was but inspectors requested that it be redone anyway, to meet very specific standards. Metro added that reissuing work is not unusual with a project of this caliber.

"It's better to get it right in the beginning than waiting until it's running and then something goes wrong," said Metro rider, Tommy Venable.

Metro said they hope that delays now will mean a safe ride in the future.

"I would like attention to detail. I would like to know it's going to be safe," added Gomez.

Still, Metro is not, again, backing itself into a corner by setting a specific open date. They assured that they are working as fast as they can to make the Silver Line as safe as it can be.


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