McDonnell trial bombshell damages prosecution's key witness

RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- A bombshell in the McDonnell corruption trial Friday damages the credibility of the prosecution's star witness Jonnie Williams.

Under cross examination by Maureen McDonnell's defense attorney Bil Burck, Williams was asked about meeting with prosecutors this past Sunday. Williams said he didn't recall if had met with them.

Burck then presented into evidence a handwritten note by prosecutors that detailed what Williams said to them on Sunday. It said, "Jonnie Williams did not want share transactions disclosed. There may be security law issues. Knows what he was doing was wrong. Not an attorney."

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Burck asked Williams if he recalled saying that and Williams said, "I don't recall that."

In fact, Williams has trouble recalling many details of what he told Virginia State Police investigators and the FBI at several meetings.

He was asked about a $10 loan he received from a friend. Burck asked him if he recalled being interviewed by prosecutors about that loan and Williams said, "I don't, not as I sit here. I don't."

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Burck asked Williams if he remembered telling prosecutors that it was a way for you to access cash without have to report that sale of stock? That it could look negatively in public if the CEO was selling shares of his stock, price of the stock could go down?

"I believe I did tell them that," said Williams.

Burck asked him if he remembered telling them about transferring shares of his stocks to his children to avoid insider trading rules.

"I don't remember saying that," said Williams. "I don't recall," said Williams several times about his earlier meetings with prosecutors.

However, when asked about what Maureen McDonnell said to him, he was clear that she said she would let him sit next to the governor at an event in New York if he bought her the expensive dresses.

"Absolutely. That's my testimony," he said.


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