New info: Pop Tart fun kid's "rap" sheet

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WUSA9) -- The Maryland School board is deliberating whether to cave into pressure to undo the suspension or stick by its superintendent and the principal involved, after an 8-year-old was suspended for shaping a pop tart into a gun.

Scott Broom was in Annapolis, where the issue spiraled way beyond what happened in the classroom.

The Anne Arundel County School system insisted all along that the issue is not pop tarts or guns. It's about the incident that happened at the Park Elementary School where Josh Welch was suspended after shaping a pastry into a gun and pointing it at other children.

After months of disruptive and threatening behavior, while his parents rejected offers for counseling, Josh threatened other kids, waved a desk in the air and punched a classmate, according to a school system lawyer. Josh was involved in a total of 20 incidents,including three where the classroom had to be cleared.

The Anne Arundel County School system needs to learn how to deal with children in this age range within the school system.

As for Josh, well, he is a fourth grader now in another school, getting good grades and promising never, ever to shape a pop tart into a gun again.


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