Locals running for Boston

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- If you think terror has intimidated runners from racing in next week's Boston Marathon, think again.

More than 100 are headed up to compete from a group called the Montgomery County Road Runners alone.

Dan DiFonzo of Rockville has raced in every single Boston Marathon for a decade. And there is no way he is missing this one. "You don't challenge a runner. So these people are coming back in droves to say, we're thumbing our nose at terrorism, and we're going to represent what running is really all about."

DiFonzo finished the race an hour before the bombs went off. "I didn't hear the explosions. But I did see the chaos outside the windows."

He was in a bar celebrating with friends when the news broke. And in the photos he took, you can see the horror on the faces of the runners; the fear for other friends who had yet to finish.

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The bar closed soon after the blasts and DiFonzo and friends were sent out to the fearful streets. "A lot of people didn't get a chance to celebrate last year. I think I lot of people are owed that. So I think we want to take back the finish line. This is the people's race."

He has been training hard, running up to 60 miles a week to prepare. He figures he, the city, and the country, will be Boston Strong. "I think it's going to be a celebratory run for 26 miles, but I think the second you turn down Boylston St. for that last quarter mile, it's going to be a lot of wet pavement, a lot of tears shed. But a lot of high fives along the way.. And a day not to forget."

DiFonzo figures even if they turn Boston into an armed military camp, there is no way police can completely secure 26 miles of pavement. But that will not stop him.


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