Hero saves life in Bethesda beatdown

BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA9) -- At times, the video is too gruesome to watch. Cell phones captured a savage beating in a Bethesda parking garage.

It all started in around 1:15 on an April Sunday morning. Prosecutors say a mixture of alcohol and an exchange of words led to the fight.

Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy says five men approached the victim, three men started the beating, but one man continued relentlessly even after the victim lay unconscious and that's why his charge is more serious than the others, "Last night Niccolo Manzanero, age 32, from Burtonsville, Maryland, was convicted of attempted 2nd degree murder." 29-year-old Michael Velasquez, and 26-year-old Johnathan Lima were charged with 1st degree assault.

STORY: Jury convicts man guilty of attempted second degree murder

Several people stood back, capturing the fight with their cell phones. But, only one person stood up.

Dylan Rawls was on his way to his car, when he saw the fight getting out of hand. WUSA9 talked to Rawls on the phone. He says, "Kind of on instinct, I just jumped in and saw somebody needed help and tried to calm down the situation."

McCarthy says Rawls is a hero and saved that victim's life, "But for the intervention of that particular young man, I'm virtually certain the victim in this case would have been beaten to death. He was unconscious, he was being stomped on the head on a concrete floor repeatedly."

Rawls dismissed the notion saying, "I hope that anyone would do that, the fact that people stood around and watched and didn't do anything shocks me, I don't think I did anything special."

Prosecutors say Manzanero has already done time on assault charges, and he could spend up to 30 years in prison. They also say the victim needed a metal plate to repair the damage to his head, and is miraculously making a full recovery.


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