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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9 Call for Action)--Why do some companies make it so difficult to reach a real person when the consumer calls for help?

Unfortunately, companies think this is a way to save money. Consequently, consumers find themselves in need of assistance and faced with a confusing array of voice menu choices, none of which really meets their needs. Well, help has arrived!

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There is an old saying that "two heads are better than one", well, let's modify that to "two websites are better than one". The websites are Get Human and Get-2-Human. You can also access Get Human on your smart phone. Both sites provide the info you need to connect with a human.

What may surprise many people is the wide array of options for reaching a person. In some cases you press 0 at each prompt, for others you say a word, such as "agent". But the real task is finding the right combination of words and/or actions to get to a company representative. That's why these sites are so helpful. There is even a section on the wait time for companies. You may be surprised by what you find!!!!

What do consumers think when they get a recorded menu in response to a call for help? Are they angry, do they think the company doesn't care?

Get Human has come up with a list of what it believes customers think about these messages. For example, the message states, "Your call is important to us." To a consumer this message means, "You are not important enough for us to have a person answer your call, and we think you are stupid enough to feel good when we say you are important."

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Do the websites allow consumers to rate companies?

They sure do. In addition to info on companies, the websites also provides tips for reaching businesses not listed on the sites.

The Get 2 Human website has a section on companies that have been rated as having superior customer service based on votes cast by users of the site.


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