Finding Relisha Radio Show

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- A DC man has taken to the internet creating a radio show committed to finding 8-year-old Relisha Rudd.

32-year-old Keith Warren is the host and creator of the 'Finding Relisha Radio show.'

Keith Warren says, "She needs to have a voice. Through my radio show that's her voice. I swore to myself and to God that I'd find this baby girl."

Internet Radio Host Keith Warren streams his show from his small room, at his Southeast, DC nursing home. He sometimes records on video too. He spends up to three ours a night taking callers. Each week a couple thousand tune in. It is the one public place Relisha's family has felt comfortable voicing their thoughts.

Relisha Rudd's Mother, Shamika Young, calls in from time to time. On a particular night this past week she breaks down, "When I look at my daughter's pictures, I cry."

"When I first saw the story, I immediately blamed the mother but on one of my shows she said something only a loving mother would say," Warren says.

On the show Shamika Young talked about how long she was in labor with Relisha Rudd.

"That's a chilling feeling right there. Only a real parent would say something like that," Warren says.

Initially, Warren called for Shamika Young to be charged with 'obstruction of justice' for impeding the investigation. He even helped get a petition started at, which has been signed by 190 people.

But Warren has since changed his tune and says his show is not about putting blame but focused on finding Relisha. "She reminds me just like my daughter. She likes Michael Jackson, the color purple and pink and Tinkerbell," Warren says.

Keith Warren is especially affected by Relisha's disappearance because his own cousin went missing several years ago. 24-year-old Unique Harris was snatched from her Southeast home in 2010,

Warren says, "We were raised under one roof. It's like we were all brothers and sisters."

Warren, a high school dropout is a self-taught computer tech who hosted a wrestling show on line, until he found a new purpose: finding Relisha.

Warren says, "What haunts me the most is how we find her. Just like it haunts me every day with my cousin Unique. Every time my phone rings, I jump. I'm scared to answer it thinking what the outcome might be."


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