WUSA9 interviews Relisha Rudd's mother

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Many say the person who should have protected Relisha the most, seems to be nowhere in the media helping Police find her daughter.

Shamika Young, the mother of 8-year-old missing Relisha Rudd has not agreed to do many media interviews.

But, Shamika Young spoke to WUSA9's anchor Jan Jeffcoat late one night in her sister's crowded small apartment and it was apparent the minute Shamika showed up that she had not seen her family in a while; they hugged and cried.

Shamika knows she is under a cloud of suspicion. The U.S. Attorney is investigating whether she mislead police. And Shamika as well as her sister Ashley and mother, Melissa Young told Jeffcoat, they have all been advised to get an attorney.

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Shamika Young says she did not sell her daughter, did not trade her daughter and did not know Khalil Tatum would not be bringing her back to the shelter. A

s for why she would let this man, a janitor at the homeless shelter where she lived, repeatedly take her daughter for days at a time; she told Jan she would not answer any more questions about Tatum

Jeffcoat asked Young, "Everyone's asking who failed Relisha. Who do you think failed her?." Young responded saying, "Honestly I think it's more that the government could have done, honestly I think the school failed her too."

Jeffcoat asked what more could the school have done? Young said, "They would have come out with the name from the start I would have known something from the start. Came out with the name of the doctor something could have been started... Instead of approaching my significant other as, 'Tell miss young her doctors called and she's cleared' He could have approached it another way but they didn't so."

Relisha's mother blames everyone but herself and Khalil Tatum, the man police say abducted her little girl.

Jeffcoat asked, "Did she ever stay with Mr. Tatum at his house?" Young replied, "Not that I know of... not that I know of."

Young was asked if she blamed him for all of this. "I choose not to answer that question…those questions I can't answer," said Young.

Jeffcoat then pressed further and asked, "Are you at least angry with Mr. Tatum?" Young said, "I'm probably angry with everyone; the world, the media, everybody." Jeffcoat questioned why she was angry with the media. In response, Young said,"Because they just switch my words up. They don't let me be heard they don't let my voice be heard out there."

Jeffcoat then asked, "Well then what do you want to say?"

"Honestly I don't know what I want to say because I have so many mixed thoughts in my head," said Young.

It is not just the media but social media that has questioned Young about why she allegedly lied to investigators potentially delaying the search for her daughter. She denies she lied and tried to explain to Jeffcoat why she has not been at any of her daughter's vigils.

She said, "I couldn't come out the first couple of days due to all the threats. I did want to support the walk and pray thing for my daughter not once but twice but I couldn't due to all the threats. I was getting all types of threats, people saying they were going to kill me, shoot me."

Jeffcoat asked, "So are you in hiding now?" Young said, "No I'm not in hiding. I don't have nothing to hide from. I walk these streets alone."

While Young could not remember the actual date she last saw Relisha, she remembers where it was.

She said, "Over here at my sister's house. I did her hair and bought some shoes, some 2013 Jordan flights."

Young also revealed to Jeffcoat for the first time that her daughter often spent time away from the shelter with other family members where she said Tatum would pick up Relisha. "Relisha didn't go missing from the shelter. It is a rule at the shelter that kids are not allowed to enter nor exit the facility without their parents and I feel that I should put that out," Young said.

Jeffcoat asked if she thought Relisha was alive.

"Yeah. I have always have hope and you can never let your hopes down. God don't play with babies and food," Young responded.

When Jeffcoat asked for clarification, she said, "That's one thing he protects babies and food. He watches over them and she's a baby."

Jeffcoat asked, "If she's alive. Where do you think she is?" In response, Young said, "I don't know. I just don't know."

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