Volunteer task force continuing search for Relisha Rudd

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Volunteers who call themselves the Relisha Rudd Task Force gear up.

For every search, they say a prayer before setting out into the woods.

"Thank you Jesus. Help us with this one cause of finding Relisha Rudd," Keith Warren, the Relisha Rudd Task Force leader says.

They look just yards away from a shed, where police found the body of Khalil Tatum – the little girl's alleged abductor more than a month ago.

Even though police had spent days at Kenilworth Park, volunteers believe they may have missed something.

"Police are human too. They could have missed something. They checked the park with no sign of Tatum's body, then the next thing you know they found Tatum's body," task force member Lexi Forbes said.

"We're hoping to finally find her and put some closure to this," Warren said.

"Until I find Relisha I can't be at peace. Any mother, father, parent could not see this happening and not want to do something about it," Forbes said.

Volunteers have been consulting two psychics who tell them to keep searching Kenilworth Park.

They say they're not going to discount any leads.

In their second attempt in the park, trying to find clues to the missing girl, they've come up empty.

"I'm not going to stop trying," Forbes said.

'We're going to have to go back to square one. I'm never giving up," Warren said.

The group had requested Metropolitan Police to join and support their search today but they did not show up. The same group had found bones in the park last weekend, but they turned out to be animal bones.

Volunteers also say once Relisha is found they want to help bring home other missing children.


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