Psychic tells group to search park for Relisha Rudd

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A group of volunteers who call themselves 'The Relisha Rudd Task Force' went searching in Kenilworth Park Sunday, a place where Metropolitan police had spent days looking for the missing girl. What police discovered was the body of her alleged abductor Khalil Tatum with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Brenda Brown, a volunteer said, "Whether she's living or heaven forbid she's dead we still want to find her."

Why return to a place where trained professionals had already combed through? The Relisha Rudd Task Force says a psychic told them to come back.

Keith Warren hosts an Internet radio show devoted to finding the little girl. He had psychic Juli Henry, who write blogs on cold cases, on the show to do a reading.

On Saturday's radio webcast Juli Henri said, "I do believe Kenilworth Park is where you want to look. Either you'll find clues or find her there. The card says she was trapped in water. She can be found near water somehow."

Brown said, "We can't turn away something that may be a possibility."

So the group went searching near water and river banks.

Aisha Peeples, a volunteer said, "My daughter is eight, the same age as Relisha. If it was me in the same situation I would want someone to do the same thing for my child, that's why I'm here."

The group stumbled upon some bones Sunday afternoon in and around a trash can. The medical examiner says they belonged to an animal, and not the missing eight-year-old girl.

Chief Cathy Lanier on Friday said, "I think the community is doing anything they can. We still have people who are going out door to door, who are searching various areas. We have various people who reach out to us, with things that they hear they come across they think might be useful. I think putting this issue in the forefront with be useful. Hopefully someone has something that we need."


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