Police find 2nd body while searching DC murder scene

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- D.C. police say they found a second body Monday while searching a crime scene where a body was found just three days prior.

Three roommates. Three longtime friends. Until recently, they lived together in a Northwest D.C. row-house.

Now, one is dead, another is in police custody, and the third is missing. But D.C. police fear they may have found the missing roommate's body.

The body of an adult male was found partially buried in the backyard of a home in the 1800 block of 8th Street, NW. The medical examiner says he was beaten to death and ruled it a homicide. Police are still trying to identify the body.

If it is the missing roommate, 23-year-old Delano Wingfield, then the question is... who killed him?

Twenty-one-year-old Jeffrey Neal, the roommate already in custody? Or the roommate that Neal is accused of killing, 22-year-old Leon Young who was found dead in the attic on Friday? Those are questions that police are trying to answer.

"I don't know what to think," said a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous. "They usually sat on the porch, rode skateboards, things like that. Never really heard an altercation or saw a police go into the house."

According to court documents, Neal confessed to killing Young and told police he "struck him in the head with a hammer." Neal claims it was self-defense. He told police Young "lunged at him with a knife" after Young confessed to killing Wingfield.

But Neal's story has some big read flags. He told police he didn't call 911 because he panicked. According to court documents, Neal used Young's debit card and car to try to flee to Mexico, but he ran out of money in Florida and had to have his Mom wire him money to take a bus back to D.C. Shortly after, one of the roommates relatives noticed a funny smell coming from the attic and called police.

"It's kind of disconcerting to think that something like this could happen just a few doors down," said James Allen, who lives just a few doors down.

Neal is now charged with second degree murder. His preliminary hearing is set for July 8.


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