Marion Barry slams HBO, local reporters on Twitter

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry took to Twitter to rant about two local reporters and HBO.

Barry is slamming WRC-TV reporter Tom Sherwood and Washingtonian Magazine National Editor Harry Jaffe, saying they're exploiting him.

He also added HBO to the list after the cable network developed a television biopic centered around the former mayor.

Barry says the tweets were sent by his team but that he authorized them.

HBO Films has been in talks for a long time trying to develop a biopic or film on the life of the former D.C. mayor based on a book written by the two local reporters. An article Friday set Marion Barry off.

"I'm very unhappy Tom Sherwood and Harry Jaffe wrote an unauthorized biography on me," Barry told our Surae Chinn.

Long time Washington D.C. reporters Harry Jaffe and Tom Sherwood co-wrote Dream City 20 years ago about Marion Barry's rise and fall.

HBO bought the rights to the book, but the project hasn't been green lighted. It would most likely highlight Barry's arrest in an FBI drug sting at the Vista Hotel.

When asked if there was anything inaccurate in the story, Barry said "That's not my issue. My issue is it's an unauthorized book and I have my own book coming out June 17 which is accurate, my own words, my own themes and direction and HBO is joining in the exploitation."

Sherwood addressed the controversy on the Kojo Namdi show.

"I have the greatest respect for Marion Barry as a person and what he has done and does as a mayor and a councilmember. Greatest respect for him. I know the whole story we told it in Dream City. But it doesn't mean I sugar coat anything he says or does that I think is not good or shown to be not good," Sherwood said.

"He's been riding my coat tails for a long time. It's time to stop." Barry said. "I don't want him to contact me. He doesn't have anything he can say to that's going to change my mind about the exploitation. He pissed me off."

Jaffe also responded to the rant.

"Just Marion being Marion. Marion still makes more sense than most people most of the time, but sometimes he makes no sense. And this is one of those times he makes no sense."

Barry says he's gotten offers of his own to make his autobiography into a movie. He says he would like Jamie Foxx to play him.


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