Magician Max Major makes his picks for March Madness

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Magician Max Major stopped by Tuesday to give us his predictions for March Madness. We revealed his picks -- winners and highlights-- for the first round of games on Wednesday morning.

He put the outcome and the highlight details inside a basketball. Then opened the basketball to show the WUSA 9 morning team how he did.

"To be fair, this has been in your possession since yesterday morning," said Max Major."Since before any of the games in the NCAA Tournament were played."

Howard Bernstein said, "8:15 we took away."

"Before the first game was even played. You guys signed it. Where did you hide it, by the way?" asked Max Major.

"I can't tell you that," said Mike Hydeck.

"We should get into this because I'm excited to share this with you. I'm going to do this very carefully for all of our safety. I'm going to get into the ball here. Here we go," stated Max Major.

Howard Bernstein asked, "You've done this before, I trust?"

"Kind of," replied Max Major, cutting into the ball. "Right along the edge here. Now, here's the thing. We're going to go right down the edge, right around and I'm going to do this very carefully."

He continued, "If you can just peek in, Monika. Tell me what you see in there."

Monika Samtani told him, "I see a blue piece of paper rolled up and a yellow."

"I'll let you see as well," Max Major said, moving the basketball towards Andrea Roane and Howard Bernstein.

"There's a blue and orange, yes, Andrea?" asked Max Major.

"We see it," said Andrea Roane.

"Reach in and pull out the blue one," he told her.

"Pull out the blue one. Okay," said Andrea Roane, reaching in.

"Carefully. very carefully. I want you to unroll that. Actually, no, let Howard do this part. You do the honors for this part," said Max Major. "I want you to unroll that. Share it with everyone. Yes? Yes? Get a shot of that so people at home can see."

Max Major said to Howard Bernstein, "I know you're excited because you went to Albany. i know you're excited about that but for everyone else that's 50-50. That's a toss up. The more interesting thing is you have the score, yes? What's the score of last night's first game, Albany versus the Mount?"

Mike Hydeck replied, "71-64. Albany wins. 71-64."

"71-64. This is the awesome part. Check this out," said Max Major while reaching into the basketball.

Howard Bernstein said, "You can go back and replay the tape."

"Look, look, look. Open this up. Unroll it. The score was 71-64. Read the first line out-loud, just read the first line out-loud. What does it say?" Max Major asks Monika Samtani.

"Game decided by seven points," reads Monika.

"Seven points! And what was the final score?" asked Max Major.

"71-64," answered Monika.

Monika held up the yellow piece of paper. "No....seriously?!" said Monika in amazement. "How is that possible?"

"This is how it starts. for the bracket, one game," said Max Major.

Andrea Roane said, jokingly," I'm talking about for the Powerball. Why are you here?"

About the highlights, Max Major said, "I think the spread and the score is about accurate as you can get for this kind of thing. Here's the key As you have autographed this, we're going to auction this off to charity. it has my autograph for the Meant to Live Foundation."

He continued, "I also have a big show coming up. It's at the Atlas Theater this Saturday. There's a 6 o'clock show and a 9 o'clock show. They can go to to get all the info on the show..."


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