Innocent mom lost her twin fetuses

The 21-year-old mom is still in the hospital recovering.

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - D.C.'s mayor pleaded for the public's help Wednesday to track down the men who opened fire on a crowd on Brentwood Road in Northeast, wounding a pregnant mom and causing her to lose her twin babies.
The 21-year-old woman is still recovering in the hospital.

Police put out a wanted poster, and there is some shocking video of the shooting. Police said the then-pregnant mom who was hit was just an innocent bystander -- her babies even more so.

Police are asking the public to look closely at the two men, who can be seen in the video as they walk up to the crowd near a convenience store and just open fire.

“Somebody indiscriminately walked up on a group of people and began firing. They had no regard for human life, they had no regard for which way those bullets were traveling,” Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham said.

Police believe the shooting on Brentwood Road was some kind of bizarre, indiscriminate retaliation.

The night before, someone had shot and killed 24-year-old Tony Gates on Rhode Island Avenue, just a few blocks away.

“We stood out here to make sure he could hear people cheering for him, rooting for him to pull through this tragedy,” neighbor Sima Lee said.

She said Gates died right in front of her house.

Investigators suspect another shooting that killed 28-year-old Lamar Parrish on 14th Street was also connected.

After getting shot in the stomach, the pregnant mom, Lakira Johnson, gave birth four months early to twin girls, who died the Saturday at the hospital. She named the girls "Heaven" and "Nevaeh," heaven spelled backwards.

“Nobody knows what I'm going thru, but I plead the blood of Jesus over myself and all of my children," she tweeted.

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“The best way to address a crime of violence like this is to find the people responsible and make sure justice is visited on them,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The U.S. Attorney said he was still trying to figure out if the shooters can be charged with murdering those babies. At just 21 weeks, it's not clear they could have survived outside the womb. But as WUSA9 understands it, they did take a breath.

Lakira Johnson's mom and dad are at the hospital where she's undergoing physical therapy.

Her mother hoped she'll come home from the hospital later this week, but it will be bittersweet. She'll have to tell her other two daughters that they're little sisters did not make it.


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