Gray urges residents to boycott Eastern Shore

WASHINGTON (AP) - The mayor of the District of Columbia is urging residents to boycott the Eastern Shore of Maryland this holiday, because of its congressional representative's position on decriminalizing marijuana.

Mayor Vincent Gray said at a Wednesday news conference that the city's residents shouldn't support someone who doesn't support them.

The mayor is referring to Rep. Andy Harris, who represents Maryland's Eastern Shore. Harris successfully attached an amendment to a House budget bill that would overturn the city's marijuana decriminalization law.

The nonprofit group D.C. Vote called for a boycott of all vacation spot in Harris' district.

Harris, a Republican, says city residents "know better" than to boycott his district. He says spending the weekend on the family friendly Eastern Shore is more important than increasing drug use by teenagers in Washington.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray issued the following statement:

"I'm deeply disappointed that the will of District voters is once again under assault by a member of Congress out to score political points. It's become a sad tradition that members of Congress with no ties to the District use their outdated, undemocratic and unjust authority over the District's budget to further their own political and personal agendas. I find it especially hypocritical that member of Congress from a state that has already decriminalized the possession of marijuana would attempt to block the same action here in the District. While I have not called for an official boycott of Maryland's Eastern Shore, I urge every American who cares about fairness and democracy to stand up to this hypocrisy and bullying."

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