DC Potholepalooza fills almost 12,000 potholes

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) patched almost 12,000 potholes as a part of its month-long Potholepalooza campaign. The number was 11,982.

In total, the city has filled 42,305 potholes in 2014.

When asked how these numbers compare to last year, DDOT's Communications Director, Reggie Sanders, tells WUSA9, "No comparative analysis yet but really no comparison whatsoever – more than double."

The last day for the pothole fill-fest was Friday, May 9. DDOT says just because Potholepalooza has ended for this year doesn't mean the city won't keep filling the pits that eat your tires, wreck your ride, and cost you money.

MORE: Tell WUSA9 which pothole in the city is driving you crazy. We will make sure it is on the District's Potholepalooza Fix-It List.

On April 9, the first day of Potholepalooza, Jeff Baxter, Superintendent of Operations for the District Department of Transportation, told WUSA9 Potholepalooza's purpose is to make potholes a distant memory in 30 days. DDOT's mission was to up the fix time from 72 hours to 48 hours from the time they get a report.

"I truly have faith in both our team and our contracting team," said Baxter.

On day one of Potholepalooza 237 potholes were filled.

To accomplish the mission DDOT added extra crews and they implemented three methods for filling the craters. First, there is the quick fix of the cold patch. That is when you see the truck full of asphalt stopping and several workers shoveling some mix into the pothole. Then there is the permanent fix where the crew actually cuts into the street. The third may be the quickest, it is a machine called the "pothole killer" that uses an arm on the front of the truck to squirt asphalt mix into the hole.

Earl Rodgers drives one of three "pothole killer" trucks contracted for the District. He's been extremely busy, "We've been doing probably 300 holes a day per truck. It's been a wonderful year for me, it's been a really bad year for the streets of D.C."

The first ever Potholepalooza was held in 2009, and over the past 5 campaigns DDOT crews have filed 24,510 potholes.

DDOT had to cancel its push twice this year due to bad weather. They had to wait for warmer temperatures, above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, to begin the work.

DDOT encourages drivers to report potholes by calling 311 from within the District, you can go online or you can email DDOT at Potholepalooza@dc.gov/ There are also social media options. You can tweet to @ddotdc or go to the Potholepalooza 2014 Facebook page.

Then there is your other option: TELLWUSA9 and we will make sure your trouble spot is on the District's Potholepalooza list to be fixed.


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