Advanced training for service dog, Bunce

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - The service dog in training headed to help a wounded warrior is working with injured veterans who are learning how to train dogs for their fellow warriors.

“Bunce is doing awesome. He is making everyone smile like always. He makes me smile every morning, ‘cause I come in and this is what he does,” said Warrior Canine Connection Trainer Cheryl Bingham. “That’s what you do.”

Bunce will be away from his everyday trainer, WUSA9 reporter Andrea McCarren, for a full month.

“I feel like he’s very sensitive. And that’s something we breed our dogs to be,” Bingham said. “And that means they’re in tune to your feelings and how to react to them and comfort you when you need it.”

She said Bunce is not only learning, but he’s teaching the other dogs, too.

“He knows what he’s supposed to do,” she said.

Bingham said Bunce is working on refining the skills that he’s already learned. And, she said, he loves to train!


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