Brutal Beltway problems after second punch of snow

FORESTVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- For some, the second punch of snow was tougher than the first.

Prince George's County got socked hard, and at one point the snow fell so quickly, plow trucks could not keep up, and the Beltway became brutal.

Hundreds of cars became stuck on the outer loop near Branch Avenue in Prince George's County. Brothers Phillip and Patrick Barrett from Upper Marlboro stopped their truck on the side of the highway to help drivers dig out.

Phillip said, "It's nasty, if you don't have to be outside, don't come outside. They should have plenty of trucks out being clearing. This should not be like this."

Drivers yelled out to us to see if we were okay. And some yelled that they had never seen anything like this before. A few accidents happened from cars spinning out and striking other cars. Some abandoned their cars and walked on the highway like it was their sidewalk. Patrick explained that the bright side was that there were, "more people like us helping each other out."

Plow after plow came through, but it was too late for the two miles worth of cars snowed in. In time, the roadway cleared, and the plows were able to do their job,

WUSA9 called the Maryland State Highway Administration who confirmed they had and have all 2,700 crews out. They said the snow was coming down at such a clip they could not keep up. and it did not help that drivers did not take this second blast as seriously as the overnight one, by staying off the roads.


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