Baby delivered in law office: Mom didn't want to dirty the carpet

Mom & dad share baby born in law office story

LA PLATA, MD (WUSA9) - Remember the baby born in a Charles County law office? The law office clerk, who is not a doctor, ended up delivering a stranger’s baby and possibly saved the baby’s life when she unwrapped the infant’s umbilical cord from around the child’s neck. 

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WUSA9 followed up with the grateful parents of a healthy baby girl named, Izabella Rose Graham.

Funny part is, while Jamie Greathouse’s number one priority was making sure her daughter was safe, she also didn’t want to dirty the law office’s rug. 

“The first thing she said was, I don’t want to lay down in the front office ‘cause I don’t want anything on your carpet,” said Chris Graham laughing with Greathouse outside of their Bryans Rd. home on Tuesday.

This all happened in a law office less than half a mile away from the hospital where Greathouse and Graham had planned to give birth. The couple says they were on their way when they got stuck traffic and then stuck in a turning lane that forced to enter the Olmsted and Olmsted law firm parking lot in LaPlata, Charles County, Md.

“I’m like, you got to pull in. There’s not going to, there’s no way,” Greathouse said.

“It was a little scary ‘cause it was like, cause it’s like, ‘oh my God, we’re in a car’,” said Graham who said this is the first childbirth he got to be there for.

This actually marked one week since the action-packed childbirth. Once pulled into the parking lot, the couple told WUSA9, they flagging a park ranger for help. Then, they tell us a woman from the law office heard screaming and brought them inside.

“It was a little crazy, adrenalin just going and you know,” Greathouse says having given birth to two other children helped.

She was able to guide the secretary who brought her in, Holly Sanderson.

“9-1-1 was trying to direct us and next thing you know, her little head was coming out and I winded-up going back outside,” said Graham, that was to flag down paramedics. 

Sanderson and Greathouse, worked together: laying paper towels everywhere, pushing and pulling. When the baby came out with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, she looked purple.

“I’m thankful that Holly was there for that because I couldn’t see her neck, obviously,” said Greathouse.

Izabella later made it to the hospital. Her parents say she weighed in at 7lbs and is as healthy as can be. They even kept her there an extra day to monitor for any infections.

Izabella already has the grand entrance down. Her family laughs, she’ll also have a big future!

“Most of them crack jokes ‘so I guess she’s going to get free lawyer service for life’ haha or maybe she’ll be a lawyer, you know,” said Greathouse.

Best part is according to Greathouse, she wasn’t even supposed to have any more children due to a medical condition doctors later discovered.


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