Family fears someone is poisoning pets

At Bluemont Park in Arlington County, one dog is lucky to be alive.

ARLINGTON (WUSA9) - Dogs will get into just about anything. They'll sniff, they'll rummage and, whatever they find, they just might eat.

"This dog eats everything, actually, like chicken bones on picnic benches or whatever," said Natascha Weber about her dog, Yoko.

But on Thursday, Yoko ate something that nearly killed her.
Weber and her daughter were walking their two dogs, Yoko and Figi, at Bluemont Park in Arlington.

They walked the trail then down into a creek that runs along the trail.

"Both dogs went into the water, went out and then Yoko just started eating something," Weber said.

At first she wasn't worried. After all, dogs tend to get into things. But then Weber got a look at what Yoko was eating and she admitted, it horrified her.

"It was like a raw meatball, with pills and pellets and everything in there. I was just trying to pull it away but it was obviously too late," said Weber.

Weber says she counted 10 raw meatball concoctions that were placed on various stones on the creek bank.

"I mean this is really suspicious,” she said. “I was thinking this is a crime. It is intentional for sure."

Weber rushed Yoko to the nearest animal hospital where a vet induced vomiting. The doctor told her it was just in time, a few moments later and Weber said Yoko may not have made it home that afternoon.

"For me this is a sick maniac, really," a disturbed Weber said.

Angry at what happened her dog, concerned what could happen to other dogs, after the vet visit, Weber went back to the park to collect the remaining meatballs to turn over to animal control for testing.

"There were four missing. I just hope no other dog is the victim," she said.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington said Weber's was the only report filed and while they haven't found any other suspicious items in the area, they still remain a bit concerned.

So does Weber.

"Please, please, please, take care of your dogs," she pleaded.


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