Alleged child sex abuser evades capture

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA9) -- Only on WUSA9, an exclusive interview with a horrified mom and dad who are still looking for justice for their 15-year-old autistic son, who was allegedly molested by a teacher's aide from his school in Rockville.

The parents say the cops took too long to go after Yee Tak Sharon Kui, giving her time to flee to Hong Kong, where she may still be tutoring other children.

We do not usually name sex abuse victims, but this family wanted to tell their story.

Fifteen-year-old Devon Harding loves to do the things most children his age do. But Devon's brain was damaged by meningitis as a baby, leaving him high functioning, but autistic and ADHD. "I don't like to be yelled at and stuff," says Devon about his condition.

Police say Devon's teacher's aide, 25-year-old Sharon Kui, from the Frost School in Rockville came to Devon's home twice last November and molested him.

"That was, I think, my worst nightmare, was to see that some woman came into my home and had sex with my son," says his mother Tracy Harding, her eyes welling up with tears. "You know he had just turned 15."

The school never called police, but Devon's parents called as soon as they found out. And within hours, they set up a phone sting between Devon and Kui.

"They had confessions, they had someone saying they were going to kill themselves," says Devon's father, Ron Harding, "and to my knowledge, they can send a police car within minutes to pick a person up." And did they do that? "No, No they did not."

Montgomery County Police say they were building their case, that they flagged one of her passports but she had another with a slightly different name, and three days later, she had taken off for China.

Investigators also say Kui's suicide threats were simply a ruse to try and manipulate the victim. They say the threats were not credible enough to get an emergency protection order.

But Tracy Harding isn't buying that.."They should have went right away when they did that phone sting."

Montgomery County Schools are now paying for Devon to attend another private school. Even though both he and his parents want him placed in a mainstream, public school. And he is struggling.

WUSA9's Bruce Leshan asked Devon where he would like to go to school. He responded and said, "Blair High." A school right around the corner.

"You would think that after the incident, that they would put him in the best places, the best schools," says his mother.

Devon's individual education plan calls for his teachers to always be upbeat and encouraging. "And yet the teachers in every program yell at him, scream at him, lecture him," says Ron Harding. Despite two years in special educational programs, Devon's test scores still put him at a 5th or 6th grade level. Exactly where he was when he moved to Montgomery County two years ago. His dad says he made far more progress in mainstream schools before that.

Devon and his parents say the system has failed him over and over again.

Montgomery County Schools say they cannot talk specifically about Devon's case. But a spokesman says the schools work with parents to ensure all students receive a free and appropriate education.

Devon's parents are meeting with the schools again soon, and they are hoping to get him out of the private school that is costing the county $50,000 or $60,000 a year, and into a mainstream public school.


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