Who is Charles Severance?

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- Alexandria police say they want to talk to Charles Severance, who could possibly be connected to three high profile murders in the community. So who is Charles Severance?

Police have never directly connected the murders to someone who lives in Alexandria, but Charles Severance did live there for years. He lived a short distance from where Ruthanne Lodato was murdered.

Severance lived in a neighborhood on Gunstone Road in Alexandria. It's a quiet community and many there don't know him.

Many who do remember Severance, like Malcomb Smith, say he was active in local politics and ran for congress and mayor.

"He's been around. I've seen him since. He's been around. He's somewhere around. You see him every now and then. I haven't seen him in town, so i was a little surprised to find him coming back here," said Smith.

Another neighbor says Severance was often seen jogging across the complex and raised a complaint when some of the shrubbery was being torn down. Local political leaders say he often turned up at local meetings with bizarre questions and to promote legalization of marijuana.

The woman who lives in the condo where Severance used to live expressed total surprise that someone who used to live there is now in trouble with the law.


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