70-year-old man caught going through neighbor's panty drawer

Economic chief accused in underwear incident

ANNAPOLIS, MD (WUSA9) - In the picturesque town of Annapolis, where the boats rock slowly and the early September sun shines, controversy upsets the serene scene. 

"You can be important and creepy at the same time I suppose," said one resident.

“He should probably move to another town,” added another. 

“It’s incredibly embarrassing,” said a third resident. 

Robert Hannon, 70, a town resident and the County's CEO of the Economic Development Corporation was arrested Friday for allegedly rummaging through his neighbor’s panty drawer.  

"I thought, ‘I bet he didn't think anyone was watching’ then oops they were," said one woman.

According to the police report, Hannon was caught red handed, which was captured on the 62-year-old woman's home surveillance camera she installed after a bracelet went missing in August. 

Hannon was seen on video rifling through her lingerie, then returning it to the drawer before taking off. 

Police said he didn't go too far. He lives on the very same floor of their condo building.

Hannon did not answer when WUSA9 buzzed his apartment Tuesday. 

According the police documents, there was no forced entry at his neighbor's apartment, but a closer look at the video revealed he had a set of keys and can be heard locking the door behind him. 

“If he had no permission that's is trespassing that illegal that is burglary," said one man. 

Indeed the resident told police neither she nor the landlord gave Hannon permission to enter the apartment.

The Chief Administrative Officer will now step in to the role.  Hannon is on unpaid leave until “further notice.”

The County Executive released the statement:

"These serious charges against Mr. Hannon are surprising and constitute a need for responsible leadership pending the resolution of his case.” 

He is out on bond and faces first, second and fourth-degree burglary charges.


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