Suitland Pothole Proves Persistent

SUITLAND, Md. (WUSA9) -- The state says it's fixed, drivers say it's not. So, is this pothole fix in Suitland in the eye of the beholder? WUSA9 went to take a look.

On Feb. 4, WUSA9 reported a pitted patch of pitiful potholes in Prince George's County on Silver Hill Road by Maywood Lane.

Days later, the Maryland State Highway Administration says they fixed them, but viewer Josh De La Rosa, who told us about them in the first place, says they didn't. We asked the administration again and they confirmed a crew patched them on Feb 7.

Josh wrote us an email days later to say that not only were the potholes still there, but he and his colleagues were changing their carpool route because of them. WUSA9 asked David Buck of the administration about the fix and he replied, "There are a couple of them on Silver Hill that you guys reported to us that we took care of."

On Feb. 19, WUSA9 paid another visit. We drove over a roadway that resembled swiss cheese. To our eye, it looked like patches had been made, but many potholes still remain.

Buck told WUSA9, "I think one of the things that we are seeing is we are filling them. We get a storm like this and then people aren't really sure if we filled it or not, because it could be coming back again."

WUSA9 made a call to the Maryland State Highway Administration. They told us to re-report the area on their website. They also say 95 percent of the time, they will investigate within one business day and, most times, complete the fix.

Buck says, "We will stay on top of it until we can get through March and get through this winter. It is just going to be a never-ending battle with potholes and storms."

If you would like to report a pothole in your area, we have a list of places to contact:


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