Restaurant Alert: "Crying" rodents frighten inspector

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) - A repeat closure in Fort Washington, Md. and vermin infested store with so many "crying" rodents that an inspector was afraid to complete the inspection to this week's Restaurant Alert.

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Health inspectors temporarily closed Maxway, 4221 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, Md, Michelle's, Iverson Mall, 3737 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, Md., Northstar Cafe and Grill, 9201 Livingston Road, Fort Washington, Md., Family Dollar Store, 5454 Barnabus Road, Oxon Hill, Md., Hunan Dragon, 9110 Richmond Highway, Fort Belvoir, Va.

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All the restaurants passed re-inspection and are back in business.

Maxway - Crying rodents and fearful inspector

On Branch Avenue, a January complaint prompted inspectors to close Maxway variety store citing live rodents and rodents "heard crying in storeage room."

The report says, "due to the extent of the problem the basement was not inspected."

The reports states the inspection was not completed because the "inspector was not feeling safe."

The day WUSA9 arrived, Maxway had passed a reinspection and had been allowed to reopen but Maxway was ordered closed again when after another complaint inspectors cited more droppings and a very bad odor.

Michelle's - Iverson Mall

Also on Branch Avenue at Iverson Mall, inspectors closed Michelle's citing mice droppings observed on hot holding unit with food, unidentified food with with mold and improper food holding temperatures.

The manager says pest control comes every month and the the mice are coming from other stores.

Repeat Violator: NorthStar Cafe

You may remember Northstar Cafe on Livingston Road in Fort Washington, Maryland from our 2012 closure report on vermin.

This time, "live rodents (mice)" observed in the "front food service area" and rodent droppings throughout.

Family Dollar Store

In Oxon Hill, a complaint about toilets not working for weeks led inspectors to close Family Dollar on Saint Barnabus Road.

The report says employees were told to "go outside to use the bathroom."

In Virginia, Inspectors closed Hunan Dragon on Richmond Highway in Fort Belvoir reporting a potential contamination violations like raw chicken stored over ready to eat noodles, utensils soiled to sight and touch, and no Certified Food Manager."


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