DC councilmembers' streets as sloppy as their neighbors

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Surprise street plowing inspections by WUSA9 showed DC councilmembers' streets to be just as sloppy as everyone else's at the height of Tuesday's snow dump.

The street in front of Mayor Vincent Gray's house was one exception, but his honor's home is located on Branch Avenue, which, like the District's other main roads, receives priority treatment.

Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie's street - North Capitol St. NE – is another thoroughfare which received treatment shortly before we arrived.

But at Councilmember David Catania's Newport Pl. NW street home, where the Councilmember answered the door, the one way street was snow packed and looked untouched.

On Ontario Road NW, at the residence records show for Councilmember Jim Graham, snow packed streets surrounded the building.

A campaign sign marked Anita Bonds' one-way Bates St NW home, with patches of snow on the street and some dry spots.

At Muriel Bowser's Oglethorpe St. NE home, the slush was about the same as neighboring roads.

We saw Councilmember David Grosso shoveling the front walk at his 15th St NE home – with a street that looked a little better than neighbors, but not by much.

On Hansberry Ct. NE, near the residence listed for Councilmember Vincent Orange, we saw roads covered with snow on top of snow.

On Highwood Dr SE, near the home listed on public records for Councilmember Yvette Alexander, we recorded lots of snow and neighbors streets in better condition.

On Orange St SE, near the home Marion Barry registers with DC's Board of Elections, streets were freshly plowed – but comparable to neighboring streets.

On 4th Street SE - at an address listed for Tommy Wells - the street was as sloppy as neighboring streets.

At the home listed for Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, it looked like it had been sanded, but not cleared like other streets nearby.

A Jack Evans mayoral campaign sign marked the Councilmember's Georgetown home on P. St. NW which little more slushy than nearby smaller side streets.

At the intersection of 30th St. NW and Brandywine, near the home of Councilmember Mary Cheh, we found the greatest contrast and worst conditions of any of the elected officials' street we checked.

While the road intersecting Cheh's street, Brandywine, was nearly clear, 30th St., where the Councilmember lives, showed wear of the day's entire snow with no sign of treatment.

Cheh laughed that her street doesn't get special treatment.

"No, I never do," Cheh said. "Never do."

Traveling to every ward of the city at the height of accumulations yesterday, we didn't find any streets that were impassable.

We did find, councilmember or not, the less traffic your street gets, the longer you'll wait to get it plowed.


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