Woman fights thyroid cancer by changing lifestyle

(WUSA9) -- It's a story that you have to hear to believe: a woman suffering from cancer tries an alternative way to battle the deadly disease and she's successful.

"In 2007, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was really shocked about that," said Dr. Ruby Lathon.

This is an understatement. Finding out that you have cancer can be devastating, but Dr. Lathon wanted to find a different path to recovery.

"I just decided to try an alternative, holistic approach rather than go through surgery and be on medications for the rest of my life," shared Lathon.

So she decided to completely change her lifestyle.

She told us, "First, I got rid of all the processed food that I was eating."

She got rid of meats, meditated, incorporated exercise. She did whatever it took to maximize her body's immune system.

"I started learning how to make healthy food taste good," said Lathon.

Working with raw foods and green leafy veggies she cooks dishes like this colorful rice dish. She juices almost everyday

"This juice concoction is very easy because it's cabbage, apple, and ginger. Cabbage helps fight cancer," said Lathon.

She added, "It's like the best thing ever because it gives me so much energy."

Her efforts eventually paid off: "Had cancer for 14 months, was diagnosed in January 2007 and cancer free the following March 2008."

If the lifestyle approach did not work after a year, then she would have underwent surgery and medications. It is very important to consult a physician if you are thinking about using alternate methods fight cancer. If a physician determines that you cannot wait to have surgery then it is best to go with that recommendation. Luckily for Dr. Lathon, she was able to pursue a different path for a year.

Dr. Lathon also joined us on our noon show, with a brief demo and to give more insight about holistic nutrition. See her appearance here: http://www.wusa9.com/videos/life/2014/03/07/6169561/


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