Study: Heart attack risks are higher after an outburst

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- If you know someone with a hot temper, you may want to tell them about this health alert! Angry outbursts put stress on your body, and make you five times more likely to have a heart attack.

A study out of Harvard shows the elevated heart attack risk lasts up to two hours after a fit. The chances of having a stroke will triple following that initial blow up for nearly two hours. It can take that long for your body to fully calm down.

Allen J. Taylor, MD, FACC FAHA, Chief of the MedStar Heart Institute says, "The best advice is to take care of the heart risk factors, eat well, exercise regularly and then think about your stress and your anger levels."

Dr. Taylor says angry flare-ups can pose risks to everyone, no matter your age, diet, or medical history.

"You should be asking your doctor if you are feeling stressed or anxious or angry, that should be a part of your heart risk management," adds Dr. Taylor.

The study is published in the European Heart Journal.


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