Managing diabetes could be easier with just one pump

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The rates for type 2 diabetes are on the rise. The growing obesity epidemic is adding to the problem, leading to greater insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes is usually controlled by diet and medication. However, patients struggle with achieving the right level of blood glucose (sugar).

A new study published by The Lancet examines the safety and effectiveness insulin pumps used to treat diabetes.

According to the study, insulin pumps were found to be more effective than multiple daily injections for controlling blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The study was funded by Medtronic, a medical device company that makes insulin pumps. The devices are attached to the body and the give a constant flow of insulin through a catheter.

According to lead author Professor Yves Reznik from the University of Caen Côte de Nacre Regional Hospital Center, Caen, France, "Pumps enhance effective insulin absorption and increase insulin sensitivity thanks to the continuous daily subcutaneous insulin delivery. Our findings open up a valuable new treatment option for those individuals failing on current injection regimens and may also provide improved convenience, reducing the burden of dose tracking and scheduling, and decreasing insulin injection omissions."

Nearly 500 adults between the ages of 30 and 75 years of age were enrolled in the OpT2mise trial. These participants had a tough time controlling their diabetes during a trial period.

Patients who used the pumps achieved significantly greater reduction in average blood sugar levels, spending on average nearly three hours less in hyperglycemia (when blood sugar becomes too high).

There were 20% fewer insulin doses with pump therapy without a difference in weight.

Written by:
Monika Thomas, WUSA9


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