Fitness Friday: Get into the "Orange Zone"

Chantilly, Va. (WUSA9) -- It's Fitness Friday and all roads lead to the gym. The beltway is challenging and so is Orangtheory Fitness. It's the science of revving up the metabolism to reach the "Orange Effect".

It's all about sweating, science, and seeing orange! Orangetheory fitness adds a different logic to the workout. When we exercise our primary source of fuel is glycogen, but the source of fuel changes to oxygen when we rest.

Trainers use a theory called EPOC, Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Orangetheory Regional General Manager, Reggie Williams says, "That's just a cool way of saying, spiking your metabolism at rest."

Here's where the science meets fitness, the program is designed to maximize your fat loss by tapping into your fat storage. But you don't want to the body to metabolize too much of the lean muscle mass. So intense strength training is built in to counteract the loss of that lean muscle mass.

Williams says, "So we are a fat loss product not a weight loss product. What you wanna do is you wanna lose fat and maintain your lean muscle cause your lean muscle and your metabolism are tied hand in hand."

"So if you are losing lean muscle you are actually being counter productive in what you're doing even though you might have the best of intentions and you are working hard but the body doesn't respond that way," adds Williams.

The trainers attach pods to their chest which transmit the heart rate to the monitors on the wall. Participants start off in the green zone.

Williams says, "We are looking to spend 25 to 35 minutes of the hour right there. Then zones four and five are 84 to 100 percent of your maximum heart rate combined."

Then 20 minutes is spent in the optimal zone.

After the workout, your metabolism is at it's peak, along with a great combination of muscle mass and fat storage. For the next several days, your body is fully optimized to burn fat and calories.

"That's part of our success that people are feeling better, and once they feel better they look better," adds Williams.

Orangetheory fitness is now open in Fairfax and Gaithersburg with the goal of opening 20 more in our area soon.


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