Four 'superfoods' that may not be so super

(KXTV) -- We all want to eat healthy, but a report by Yahoo News states some of the foods consumers consider to be "superfoods" are actually useless, questionable and some might be dangerous.


Advocates of raw milk say it can help with digestion, prevent asthma and allergies, and even fight cancer. The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging pregnant women and children not to drink raw milk products, saying they can lead to severe illnesses. The CDC reports that raw milk is 150 times more likely to cause food borne illness than pasteurized dairy products. It's also illegal to sell raw milk in some states - not California.


If you've ever done a shot of wheatgrass, you know most people aren't drinking it for its flavor benefits. According to an article in the Australian magazine Women's Health and Fitness, while wheatgrass has wide range of nutrients, it doesn't contain particularly high levels of any one nutrient. It is not considered superior to any other green vegetable.


It's true that sea salt contains trace minerals of magnesium, potassium, and calcium, and it looks fancier on the table than regular old salt. The American Heart Association says many of us are missing an important fact: sea salt contains as much sodium as table salt. You should use sea salt sparingly.


Some doctors say coconut oil can help with thyroid function, cholesterol levels, brain health and weight loss, but other experts say you shouldn't start downing coconut oil by the gallon or replacing all your olive oil with it. Coconut oil has a lot of calories and some of the research on it's health impacts are fairly new. If you do want to cook with coconut oil, be sure it's refined and non-hydrogenated.


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