Couple loses nearly 300 lbs with life changing procedure

Ashburn, Va. (WUSA9) -- Major lifestyle changes can be difficult, even when transforming your life with a loved one.

Chris and Tricia McCord met in 2007 and got married a few years later. They love getting outdoors with their 3 year old daughter. But, just a few years ago, a walk in the park was not so easy.

Chris McCord says, "There were a lot of physical hardships with it. My knees were always acting up because of the extra weight.

The McCords were obese, causing complications in their everyday lives. They tried diet and exercise together for several years.

Tricia McCord says, "Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins, anything that is low carb."

The diets worked for awhile but the weight always came back. "Awful for lack of a better word, you can be successful with the diet and then it just kinda snowballs. You have just one bad day and you just give it up and you wind up gaining it all back," adds Chris McCord.

Then a family friend shared her experience with gastric bypass surgery. The procedure changes how your body handles food, by having some food particles bypass part of the intestines so the food is only partially absorbed.

Chris felt like this was his last option. So after extensive research and comparing other options, they decided on the gastric bypass procedure, and they wanted to start the new journey together. In 2012, both underwent surgery 6 weeks apart at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

They lost the majority of the weight within the first 6 months. Chris lost 147 pounds while Tricia lost 130 pounds, a total of 277 pounds! Working together as husband and wife makes it easier for them to maintain their new lifestyle.

Tricia McCord says, "I think having somebody to support you really makes a big difference, we help each other out with portion sizes and making sure we are doing the right things. You might have a bad day but having somebody out there who understands what you are going through really makes it a lot easier."

"Since surgery we do a lot of outdoor activities, the heat doesn't bother us as much. It's much easier to run around after our daughter, run around after the dog, play ball, go to the park, swing. I feel more comfortable going down the slide, going down the playground equipment now than I used to. I was afraid before that I might break something, whereas now it is a lot easier to just chase afterwards and not think about it," adds Tricia McCord.

They work out together 5 days a week with a trainer for 2 of those days. Now they enjoy outings at the National Zoo with their 3 year old daughter, and they say the hills in the zoo are much easier to navigate.


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