Artist offers free nipple tattoos for cancer survivors

SAN ANTONIO (KENS) -- Body acceptance is a struggle for many women and it's especially difficult for those who survive breast cancer. The scars are a permanent reminder of the cancer. But one San Antonio tattoo artist is helping to empower survivors through his skills.

Rooster, an artist at Inception Tattoos, is offering free cosmetic nipple tattoos.

"One of the things I specialize in is portrait work," Rooster said. "So, to duplicate a realistic nipple is really easy for me. It's just an idea that I came up with one day thinking about my aunt. The things that she's gone through and her breasts battling cancer."

Recently, Bonnie Price got a cosmetic nipple tattoo by Rooster.

"He did it. It matched the colors," Price said. "To put it nicely, the girls match. It looks wonderful."

Price was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29-years-old. She is now a 13 year survivor.

"On my mother's birthday, I woke up and it didn't look right," Price said. "When I went to the doctor and after several doctor visits, they confirmed that I was between stage 3 and 4 with the lump. I had a total mastectomy. I went through chemo, radiation."

She opted for a mastectomy to attack the cancer.

"My daughter was four," Price said. "And in my heart, there's nobody that gets to raise her but me. And as a single parent it was really important that I be around."

Price lost her nipple as a result of reconstructive surgery.

She said she got a nipple tattoo 10 years ago at a doctor's office but the person didn't do a good job. Through Rooster, Price said she was able to get a better looking tattoo. "It's important that you do what you have to do to feel whole inside and to feel good about yourself," Price said. "It makes me stand up a little bit straighter, 'cause getting dressed, I'm looking like hey, I'm even. I'm good."Rooster recommends women call Inception Tattoo to set up a consultation.


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