NC Schools Testing Reverse Suspension

ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC -- If your child is acting out you could be sitting beside them in class. It's called reverse suspension, instead of kicking a kid out of school, parents are invited in.
"It's a simple process, we call the parent up and depending on the infraction that occurred we might offer the reverse suspension," Lee Williams, Graham Middle School Principal said.
Parents at four Alamance County middle schools are being asked to be part of the solution when their child is causing problems.
"So they start at 8:00 and go until 3:25," Williams said. "They go to lunch, they eat at our great school cafeteria food, you know, they'll play dodge ball, P.E., they get to be a part of their child's day through the whole process."
In June, school board  member Pamela Thompson..proposed the idea. She says its worked in other states and knew it could work here.
"I wouldn't want my momma to come to school with me!" Thompson said.
Now any Alamance-Burlington school can use it as punishment. In addition to Graham, Turrentine Middle, Western Middle and Broadview Middle School are trying out reverse suspension.
"Something like this is very simple, it's small, it's not a big deal, it doesn't require moving a mountain. It's common sense," Thompson said. "The parents get it, the kids certainly get it and the teachers probably appreciate it."
But some parents are unsure about spending the day at school... and not at work.
"I think it's good to have the parents come in and see what's really going on and what's happening," Peggy Williams, an Alamance County resident said. "But on the other hand it's really hard to take off of work."
That's certainly something the schools understand.
"So therein lies the one problem with it is it requires parents to be off work," Principal Williams said. "Every parent wants to be helpful, wants to help their child so we say 'listen, this is something we have, it's completely optional, not mandatory, would you be interested?'" 
Interested in spending a day at school so your kid can stay in school and out of trouble.

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