Cool Schools: Chocolate on Mars?

POOLESVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- What do moon rocks, mars rovers, and chocolate all have in common? This week's cool school.

The big yellow bus is stopping at Poolesville High School where teachers have found a way to peak their students' cosmic curiosity.

How fast can microwaves travel through chocolate in outer space? That's just one of the things students at Poolesville High School are trying to find out.

All of their experiments take place on the fictional planet Falconia, where teachers want them to think and act like scientists.

"Recently NASA sent a curiosity rover to mars, so we're trying to simulate that in our own imaginary planet here."

Trial and error is how you learn. The students' rover is complete with a front loader and sensors to detect a change in magnetic field or even the presence of methane gas.

Both of those can help you find coal in outer space, but the larger picture is looking for life.

Teachers hope the cosmic curiosity unit will also breathe some life into a passion for a career in science.

Just knowing the right equation is not enough. You need to be able to share your knowledge.

"We expect them to be able to professionally present to people and talk to them in a professional way but yet in a way that they understand each other."

Whether your passion is finding coal or how the properties of chocolate react in outer space, you'll need someone to fund your trip to Falconia.

The name fictional planet they created is because they're the falcons at Poolesville High School.


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