Bracing for trouble before Air Jordan release

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- If you're into sneakers, you probably know what's coming Saturday morning.

Nike releases its Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blues. And already some worry trouble will again follow the shoes.

"These are the Gamma Blue 11s," says Vic at Kickk Spott in Georgetown, showing off one of the couple of dozen pairs someone dropped off for consignment at the store two weeks ago.
They are almost sold out at $400 a pair.

In a world where collectors will pay thousands for shoes, the release of a new version of Air Jordan 11s always brings a rush of excitement.

"I'm going to line up. I'm going to line up right here," says Sean Royster, 17.

Every year at this time Nike puts out a new edition of the sneakers. And most years there's trouble somewhere. People shot, stabbed, robbed for shoes that sell for $185 at retail and far more at consignment shops and EBay.

"I'll be here with my people," says Royster. "I feel safe. Not scared."

DC artist Sidney Thomas is so worried about the violence, he's created a series of photos showing him destroying a collectable pair of Air Jordan "Breds." "This is actually a new one," says Alex Gonzales a manager at Kickk Spott, admiring one of the photos. "He cut it in half. He's got the Jason mask on.... If he's going for that whole violence, kill the violence. That's great. And this is the shoe that's doing it every year. So he's got the right idea."

Fans say these shoes can be a great investment. LeBron 10s sold for $250 at retail in very limited quantities. They're now selling for ten times that.

Still even some buyers have a hard time explaining it. "Ridiculous, ridiculous," said Kim Baugh, shopping for sneakers for her teenager. "But the sad part is parents like me are always looking out for 'em."

Most stores these days give out tickets beforehand that give you the right to buy a pair of Jordans when they come out. That's helped reduce the madness.

By the way, a pair of Jordans that Michael Jordan actually wore just sold for $104,765.

Written and Reported by Bruce Leshan


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