What to do when the power goes out in the winter

9:13 PM, Jan 3, 2014   |    comments
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(WUSA9) --- In these frigid temps, it's common to have a power outage. Here are some tips on surviving the cold times. 

1. Check to make sure you haven't blown a circuit on the electric panel.

2. If the power is out in your entire neighborhood, call your utility company and report the outage.

3. Losing power does feel like a crisis, but do NOT call 911 unless it's an emergency.

4. Call 911 if someone is injured or in danger. Also, call if the power lines are down in your neighborhood.

5. Listen to your battery-powered radio or TV for the latest weather and power information.

6. Bundle up! Dress to stay warm. Half of your body heat can be lost through your hands and the top of your head.

7. To keep your food from spoiling, avoid opening your fridge and freezer as much as possible. The food will be kept cold for a few hours if you keep the fridge closed.

8. To beat the cold, take a warm shower to increase body temperature. Your hot water tank will stay warm for a few hours.

9. Do NOT use kerosene heaters, BBQ's, or any outdoor type of heater indoors.  They can create poisonous gases.

10. Instead, use a regular wood stove or fireplace for heat.

11. When you're set, check on your elderly neighbors or those who have medical conditions. Make sure they're dressed warmly and move them to where there is electricity if they depend on a medical device.



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