Ticketed for tags turned in back in 1994

5:36 PM, Dec 23, 2013   |    comments
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FALLING WATERS, WEST VIRGINIA (WUSA9) -- Only on 9, it's happened again! A motorist is fighting a ticket from DC for tags he says he turned in years ago to Maryland's Motor Vehicles Administration.

And once again, an innocent out-of-towner is struggling to clear his name and credit report.

"When I was in the military, you were given a code if you were captured by the enemy. You give nothing but your name, rank, serial number. And nothing else. And that's the way I feel about this," said Army veteran Keith Roberts, who lives in rural West Virginia.

"I've never been to DC," he said. 

But that didn't keep the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) from slapping Roberts with a $200 speed camera violation. He says the agency refused to provide the photo!

"There's only two kinds of people that could be behind this. One, incompetent," said Roberts. "Or two, you're a scammer, you're a thief."

Keith Roberts isn't just fighting a simple ticket. He's waged a battle over tags he turned in to the Frederick, Maryland MVA office in 1994. That's right-1994.

In 1994, Bill Clinton was President. A gallon of gas was $1.09. Marion Barry was re-elected Mayor of DC. And a song called "The Sign" topped the Billboard charts.

"You're a government agency. You're supposed to help the people," said Roberts.

Collections agencies have badgered him since 2009 by mail and by phone, but he refuses to pay for something he didn't do.

"You want your $200? I'll tell you what. When pigs fly, you'll get it," he said.

He's completed a sea of paperwork to prove the tag was not his, but that unpaid $200 fine kept him from refinancing his home at the lowest possible rate.

"Even if he gets this resolved, then we have to deal with the credit report. Because it's hard to get your credit fixed after it's been messed up," said Leslie Roberts, Keith's wife.

And now, he wonders, how many other innocents simply paid up and what the District is doing to ensure it doesn't happen again.

"Find out who's responsible. If there's a weak link in the chain, get rid of it. Fix this thing. And stop bothering innocent people," said Roberts.


This afternoon, the Metropolitan Police Department told Andrea the ticket should never have been issued. Spokeswoman Gwen Crump says MPD will be asking the DC Department of Motor Vehicles to void it from Roberts' record, therefore restoring his credit.

Written by Andrea McCarren, WUSA9

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