Cyber Monday coincides with FedEx's busiest day of the year

8:26 AM, Dec 2, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- This year Cyber Monday coincides with FedEx's busiest day of the year.  The shipping giant expects to move more than 22 million packages worldwide on Monday alone.

At the facility in Northeast D.C., they have seven or eight people sorting individual belts to get to the drivers, according to manager Joe Sardone.

Sardone explained how they seperate the boxes to ship out: "Each package comes with an identifier on it. We know exactly what zip code it goes to. We have a system at federal express where we can pinpoint what route it goes to standing."

The drivers scan the top side, says Sardone. "Also the scan will tell you exactly what route that that package goes to. As it proceeds down the belt, the drivers look to see what route it is. on the way to delivery."

Drivers will pack up their vehicles and head out.

"But then at 1:00 or so, this whole process reverses itself. We switch it up on the pickup side," said Sardone.

He added about the day, "This is our big moment. We all live for December."

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